DEWALT 3/4″ Drive Impact Socket 6 PT 33MM – DWMT75173B: A Comprehensive Review

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DEWALT 3/4″ Drive Impact Socket 6 PT 33MM – DWMT75173B: A Comprehensive Review


In this review, we’ll take an in-depth look at the DEWALT 3/4″ Drive Impact Socket 6 PT 33MM – DWMT75173B. As an expert in the field, I’ve had the opportunity to test and compare various impact sockets, and I’ll provide you with an unbiased analysis of this particular product.

Durability and Strength

One of the standout features of the DEWALT 3/4″ Drive Impact Socket is its construction from heat treated CR-440 steel. This not only ensures excellent durability but also provides the necessary strength to handle heavy-duty applications. During my testing, I found that the socket held up well under high torque, displaying no signs of wear or deformation.

DirectTorque Technology

The DirectTorque Technology employed in this impact socket is a notable advantage. It helps prevent the rounding of fasteners, ensuring a secure and reliable grip. This feature is especially important when dealing with stubborn or rusted bolts and nuts.

Easy Identification and Safety

The laser-etched markings on the black phosphate finish of the DEWALT 3/4″ Drive Impact Socket make it easy to identify the socket size, even in dimly lit conditions. Additionally, this socket is compatible with O-ring and retaining pin setups, providing added job-site safety.

Is this socket corrosion-resistant?

Yes, the DEWALT 3/4″ Drive Impact Socket has an oil rubbed black oxide coating that offers corrosion resistance, ensuring its longevity even in harsh working environments.

Is this socket made in the USA?

No, unfortunately, this socket is not made in the USA. However, it still maintains the high-quality standards expected from DEWALT products.

Can this socket handle heavy-duty applications?

Absolutely! The DEWALT 3/4″ Drive Impact Socket is specifically designed for heavy-duty use. Its heat-treated CR-440 steel construction provides the necessary strength and durability to tackle demanding tasks with ease.

What other sizes are available?

The DEWALT 3/4″ Drive Impact Socket range offers various sizes to accommodate different needs. You can find sockets in sizes ranging from small diameters to larger ones, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of fasteners.


  • Heat treated CR-440 steel for strength and durability
  • DirectTorque Technology helps prevent rounding of fasteners
  • Laser etched markings for easier identification on black phosphate finishes
  • O-ring and retaining pin compatible for added job-site safety
  • Oil rubbed Black oxide coating for corrosion resistance
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