Dewalt 20V DCF850B vs DCF809B – Best Cordless Impact Driver 

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DCF850B Overview 

Manufacturer: Dewalt 

Model: DCF850B 

Release Date: September 2021 

Weight: 2.1 lbs 

Torque: 1825 in-lb  

Speed: 3250 rpm 

Features: 3-light LED  

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DCF809B Overview 

Dewalt 20V DCF850B vs DCF809B

Manufacturer: Dewalt 

Model: DCF809B 

Release Date: September 2018 

Weight: 3 lbs 

Torque: 1700 in-lb  

Speed: 2800 rpm 

Features: 3-light LED 

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General Insight Dewalt 20V DCF850B vs DCF809B 

New for 2021 is the Dewalt DCF850B. The Dewalt DCF850B is the newer, smaller version of the DCF809B. The Dewalt DCF850B is part of Dewalts flagship Atomic 20v tool line. In this review we are going to break down the pros and cons of the Dewalt DCF850b vs DCF809B and also explain which is a better buy.  

The Smallest Cordless Impact Driver- Dewalt 20V DCF850B vs DCF809B 

We will get started by comparing the size of the Dewalt DCF850B vs Dcf809B. The goal of the Dewalt DCF850B was obviously to be the smallest and lightest impact driver on the market and Dewalt certainly achieved that. The Dewalt DCF850B is only 3.97 inches from the tip of the driver to the backside rubber. In addition to the extremely minimal head length, the Dewalt DCF850B weighs 2.1lbs (tool only). In comparison, the Makita XDT13z, XDT14z, and XDT16z we reviewed were at the smallest 4 9/16 inches. This means that the Dewalt DCf850B is the smallest impact on the market by nearly 25%.  

The Dewalt DCF809B is significantly larger than the DCF850B. The DCf809B is 5.1 inches from tip to tail and the DCF809B weighs 3lbs. So, the Dewalt DCF809B is nearly a pound heavier than the DCF850B and it is also over an inch longer. 

The most powerful cordless impact driver – Dewalt 20V DCF850B vs DCF809B 

When it comes to power neither of the two impact drivers are to be overlooked. Both the Dewalt DCF850B and the DCF809B are powerful cordless drivers. The Dewalt DCF850B is slightly more powerful than the DCF809B, with a torque of 1825 in-lb vs the DCF809B with only 1700 in-lbs.  

The fastest cordless impact driver – Dewalt 20V DCF850B vs DCF809B 

The fastest cordless impact driver with no surprise is the Dewalt DCF850B. The Dewalt DCF850B has a maximum speed of 3200RPM which is significantly faster than the 2800RPM of the DCF809B. 


Final Verdict – Dewalt 20V DCF850B vs DCF809B 

While the DCF850B seems to be lighter, smaller, faster, and more powerful than the DCF809, is it actually the better option? Well, the answer is that it depends. If the extra money isn’t a big factor and you are looking to step up your tool arsenal to the next level, then hands down the Dewalt DCF850B is the better choice. If you do not need a top-of-the-line tool or a tool for small spaces, then the DCF809 should more than suffice. 


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